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Township Clerk's Office
856-983-2900 ext. 2004

Heather Cooper and her husband have been proud residents of Evesham Township for over five years. Heather is married with two sons, ages 12 and 8. A Burlington County resident for most of her life, Heather, like many other residents, chose Marlton as the community in which to live and raise her children.

Heather received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Thomas Edison State University in the field of Psychology and completed her Executive-level Master’s degree in Public Administration from Rutgers University, at the Center for Executive Leadership in Government. She is a member of various civic advisory boards and committees and shares her knowledge about the legislative process on the State and Local levels. For more than 20 years Heather has worked in the field of Human Services on behalf of people who experience disabilities. She continues to advocate by promoting relationship-building and community partnerships in her professional career. She is engaged in the PTO and PTA programs at both Demasi and Van Zant schools as well as and an active Board member of her Homeowners’ Association, her church, and other civic organizations. Heather take a holistic approach to living and is a registered yoga practitioner for two decades spending her free time sharing this passion with children and adults of all abilities.