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Diane McNally
Deputy Tax Collector

Phone: 856-983-2900
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Frequently Asked Questions - Tax Collector

FAQs - Tax Collector

Taxes are due four times a year: February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st.  Yes, there is a grace period.  You have until the 10th day after the due date before interest accrues.

NOTICE:  05/05/2020

On April 28, Governor Phil Murphy signed an executive order giving municipal governments the authority to decide on an extension of the grace period for the payment of 2nd quarter property taxes.

Although 2nd quarter taxes are normally due May 1, the law regularly allows for a 10-day grace period.

Tonight, Evesham Township Council used its first available council meeting since the governor's April 28 order to unanimously pass a resolution officially extending the grace period for payment of Evesham Township's 2nd quarter property taxes until June 1, 2020.

This is the latest date allowed by the governor.

(Please note: this is an extension of the grace period, not the due date. Any payments made after June 1 will have interest accrue back to the original due date of May 1.)

It is your responsibility to obtain information regarding your taxes. If you think you have not received your regular tax bill, please notify the Tax Collector's office at 983-2900 extension 2031.

An advice copy is mailed to property owners whose mortgage company is escrowing their taxes. This informs you of the taxes you are being billed for the current year.

Yes, there are several. Senior Citizen -$250.00.  You must be 65 years of age prior to December 31 of the pretax year, and your income must be less than $10,000, not including Social Security. If you are a surviving spouse, the deceased must have met the above requirements prior to his/her death.

Disabled Citizen, Veteran, Widow of Veteran deductions are also available to qualified citizens.

The following are links to the applications for tax deductions:
Disabled Veterans Exemption
Veteran Tax Deduction
NJ - Senior/Disabled Real Property Tax Deduction

You may print and complete the appropriate application(s) and return it to the Tax Assessor's office at 984 Tuckerton Road, Suite 203. You may also contact either the Tax Assessor or Tax Collector’s office at 983-2900 if you have additional questions.

You may mail or hand deliver your payment to the Tax Collector's office at 984 Tuckerton Road. We also have a drive-up drop box located on the left side of the circular driveway at the entrance of the Municipal Building.

You may pay online by going to the Tax Lookups & Online Payments Online Payments page.

No, only a Tax Lien Certificate. The purchaser of the Certificate does not take title to your property, but has the option of keeping your taxes current. You will have to pay all back taxes.

The stubs represent the third quarter and fourth quarter of the current year's taxes billed, and the first quarter and second quarter of the following year's taxes billed.

Each property has an assessed value. The tax rate is applied to each $100.00 of the assessed amount.

No, just the stub. Your check will be your receipt. However, if you do need a separate receipt, please enclose the entire bill with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Any tax dollars remaining unpaid as of January 1 must be raised as reserve for uncollected taxes in that year’s budget, therefore, increasing the tax rate.