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Frequently Asked Questions - Court

FAQs - Court

If you require the assistance of an interpreter, the Municipal Court will provide one to you at no cost.  Please notify court staff immediately if you need a foreign language or sign language interpreter.   Be sure to include in your notification any special language dialect required. 

If you have not advised the court in advance, your matter may have to be rescheduled.

Your son or daughter, even if they are under 18, should contact the court themselves to enter a not guilty plea.  

You may be on the phone with them if you like or you may talk to a court staff member before (or after) your son or daughter contacts the court to enter a not guilty plea, to verify procedure, court dates, fines, etc.   And should you attend court with your son or daughter, you may appear before the Judge with your son or daughter when their case is called.

Mediation is a process that seeks to resolve disputes through the intervention of a trained mediator, without pursuing a matter through the courts to trial and conviction.   The mediator encourages discussions between the parties to help them reach an agreement. The types of complaints sent to mediation generally include citizen complaints involving disputes between individuals or groups.   These are commonly referred to as “neighborhood disputes.""   Not all complaints can be referred to mediation.  For example, motor vehicle matters cannot be resolved using the mediation process. 

An application for mediation can be completed during business hours directly with the court office or after hours through the Police Department. The Court Administrator or Deputy Court Administrator will review the application and schedule the case for mediation. In Evesham Municipal Court, mediation hearings are held the first Monday of every month beginning at 6:00 p.m.

If you are interested to learn more about the mediation process, please contact or visit Evesham Municipal Court to request a copy of “Mediation In The Municipal Courts”, an informational pamphlet prepared by the New Jersey Judiciary.

In certain types of cases, plea-bargaining is permitted in Municipal Courts.   You may try to work out an amendment or downgrade of your traffic or criminal offense with the Prosecutor on the day of Court.    Any involved persons, e.g., complainants, victims, witnesses, will also have an opportunity to meet with the Prosecutor prior to an amendment or downgrade being recommended.

If you and the Prosecutor reach an agreement with regard to an amended or downgraded offense, you may be required to sign a Prosecutor’s Slip, which outlines the recommendation.    You should be aware that unless and until the Court accepts the amendment or downgrade in court on the record, it is not official.

The Prosecutor, who represents the interests of the State of New Jersey, is available at every court session, including the mandatory first appearance sessions.   

Should you be unsure of how you wish to proceed with your case, you are permitted an opportunity to meet with the Prosecutor prior to entering a plea with the Judge in open court.   

Safe Corridor Zones have been established, by State Government, for various highways and roadways throughout the State of New Jersey.    Signs are posted on these designated highways and roadways to notify the public.   The fine may be doubled for a moving violation that occurs on a designated safe corridor zone. 

If you are not sure whether your violation falls within this category, check with the court staff before remitting your payment.  

In Evesham Township, Route 73 from Maple Shade to Berlin is considered “Safe Corridor Zone”. 

If you do not agree with the Court’s decision, you may file an appeal to the Burlington County Superior Court.   An appeal must be filed within twenty (20) days of the Municipal Judge’s decision.    A filing fee and a transcript deposit are required to be paid at the time of the filing of your appeal.   You may obtain all necessary appeal forms and appeal instructions from the Court office. The appeal does not involve a new trial.  Generally, no new testimony or new witnesses may be considered.  

The Superior Court reviews the transcript of the Municipal Court trial and the decision of the Municipal Court Judge, and may change the decision if there has been a mistake made regarding the facts or the law.   All fines and penalties imposed by the Municipal Court Judge at the time of the Municipal Court hearing are effective immediately unless a “stay” is requested at the conclusion of the hearing in Municipal Court.

If you intend to plead not guilty to the offense charged in the summons and you want to have a hearing, you must notify the Court of your intention at least seven (7) days before your “Notice To Appear” date listed on the front of your traffic summons.   If you fail to notify the Court in advance, it may be necessary for you to make more then one court appearance.  

You should be aware that where the summons could have been paid through the Violations Bureau, the Judge has the discretion to impose a higher fine after a hearing and in certain cases, he or she may impose additional penalties and/or sentences including a suspension of your driving privileges, if applicable.

A court appearance is mandatory in any traffic case involving an accident where there is personal injury.  In this event, any involved person and/or witness will receive a notice to appear at every court listing except the defendant’s mandatory first appearance.  This is done so that the Judge may hear from all involved parties before a ruling is made.  

If you are a witness or an involved person and you receive a notice to appear in court and you have any questions or scheduling conflicts, please notify the court staff immediately.  If you simply fail to appear at the hearing, the case may be rescheduled specifically for your appearance.  

This inconvenience can be avoided by communicating with the court staff.

If you face charges which carry penalties with a consequence of magnitude, e.g., fines of more then $750.00, jail time, license and/or registration suspension, probation, community service, etc., and you are unable to afford an attorney, you may apply for a public defender.  An application for a public defender must be completed.  The Judge will review your application and determine if you are eligible.   

If a public defender is appointed to represent you, the court may assess an application fee up to $200.00.   If the Judge appoints the public defender, the court will then provide you with instructions for contacting the public defender to prepare for your case.