The Township Clerk is the Secretary of the Township, the Secretary to the Township Council and the Election Official.


Community Development

The Department of Community Development is the principal agency responsible for administrative and technical support for the Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the Historic Preservation Commission, the Economic Development Commission, the Shade Tree Commission and the Environmental Commission of Evesham Township.


The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over cases within their territorial jurisdiction, including violations of municipal ordinances, violations of motor vehicle and traffic laws, disorderly person’s offenses, petty disorderly person’s offenses and other non-indictable offenses, except where exclusive jurisdiction is given to the Superior Court. Also included within this jurisdiction are violations of fish and game laws and weights and measures.



The Director of Finance acts as the Chief Financial, Accounting, Budget Officer and Purchasing Agent of the Township. He oversees the procurement and revenue functions and the Office of the Treasurer, and is a direct appointment of the Township Manager.

Fire Department

Evesham Township is located in Burlington County, NJ and includes a mix of residential and commercial/retail properties, along with a large area of wildland-urban interface. Our township is located in southern New Jersey, on the borders of Burlington and Camden Counties, and encompasses 30 square miles. Our mutual aid districts for Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) include Medford and Mount Laurel in Burlington County, along with Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Waterford and Berlin in Camden County. Evesham Fire-Rescue is a combination career/volunteer agency that delivers both Fire and EMS services to a rapidly growing community of over 48,000 residents.



Human Resources

The goal of Evesham Township’s Human Resources office is twofold:

1. To recruit and hire an efficient and effective workforce to support the daily operations of the local government and provide residents with quality services.
2. To provide day to day services to all employees through the administration of Human Resources policies and procedures, Compensation, Employee Benefits and Labor Relations.


Municipal Utitilies Authority

The Authority was first established as the Evesham Sewerage Authority on April 7, 1955 and reorganized on March 3, 1959 as The Evesham Municipal Utilities Authority, by ordinance of the governing body of the Township of Evesham. Today, the Authority services over 18,000 equivalent dwelling units which represents 97% of the Township’s estimated 2010 population of 47,596. The Authority is a public entity, which is solely funded by revenues derived from water and wastewater operations. The Authority does not receive any municipal or state tax revenues.



The Evesham Police Department is a professional and progressive law enforcement agency, committed to working together with the community we serve, in order to provide the highest quality of service.  Together, in partnership with our community, we will continue to make the township an inviting and safe place to live, visit, and do business.

Public Affairs & Senior Services

The Department of Public Affairs & Senior Services mission is to provide programs, events and activities to enhance the quality of life for Evesham residents of all ages.


Public Works

We hope the information contained herein is helpful to you, the taxpayers of Evesham, so you can take full advantage of the varied services we provide. Some of those services include refuse collection, road maintenance, street sweeping, snow removal, leaf and brush collection, bulk appliance collection, installation of street signs, storm water drainage and the maintenance of all municipally owned facilities, parks and open space.

Recreation & Open Space

The Recreation and Open Space department maintains Township parks, playgrounds, athletic fields and courts, the Indian Spring Golf Course and open space areas. The department administers and grants permits for the use of all township athletic services.


Tax Assessor

Discovery and location of all real property and certain personal property used in business in the taxing district.

Listing and description of property in a systematic, convenient manner.  Determination of taxability based on a wide variety of tax exemption and tax deduction statutes.

Tax Collector

The Tax Collector has the responsibility of collecting taxes, as well as keeping tax records. The quarterly increments are due on February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1. There is a 10-day grace period for each quarter. If the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday the grace period will be the next business day.


Township Manager

The Township of Evesham operates under the Council-Manager form of local government as established by NJSA 40:69A-81.  The Council-Manager concept places the responsibility for policy development in the hands of an elected governing body, while the Manager is responsible for day-to-day operations and policy implementation.